The Hoop Wax Option

We’ve recently been made aware of something called “hoop wax” as an option for providing additional grip for hoops. Hoop wax might be considered as an option for adding “grip” to a hoop.

Tape, particularly cloth tape, has long been considered as the best solution for giving hoops grip, particularly among hoopers who are known for their ability to do tricks.

Apparently, hoop wax is similar to wax used on surfboards give extra grip to your feet. Since most tapes won’t stand up to constant exposure to salt water, this makes sense.

Unfortunately, there are a couple of bid downsides to using wax to increase gripability. One is the need to regularly apply new wax, as it tends to rub off on hands and clothing. The other is the problem with wax attracting and holding grip and dirt.

Unlike tape, which has the sticky side applied to the hoop, wax is sticky on both sides. It may grip the hoop well, but it is going to try to grip anything else that may come in contact with.

Additionally, applying wax requires a heat source, as the wax must be heated to a malleable state, close to liquid, in order to apply to the tape.

Finally, removing tape is as simple as peeling it off. Not so for wax, which must be either heated to remove or you must use a toxic chemical to get it off.

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