New To Hooping? You Need This Tip

Nobody wants a physics lesson before they can start a new activity, but this piece of information might make hooping more enjoyable for a beginner.

For your first hoop, you should consider something large. Obviously, “large” is a relative word, based on your own size, but larger hoops are easier to keep spinning because they take longer to make the trip around your waist.

By larger, obviously I mean larger in diameter, not larger in pipe size.

As an object spins, the more quickly it makes a revolution, the more energy it requires to keep moving. Smaller diameter means less momentum so you have to make a greater effort to keep things in motion.

If you are hooping for exercise or weight loss, you will want to graduate to a smaller diameter hoop once you get the hang of it, but a larger hoop can help prevent the having a frustrating experience that might turn you off to hooping before you give it a fair shot.

Here’s to happy hooping!

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