About Metallic HoopTape

Nothing brings a hoop to life like shiny metallic hoop tape. Add just a little “bling” or do a complete hoop in metallic tape to make your creation really stand out.

Our 1 inch metallic tape is designed to go on your hoop quickly, without a peel-off paper backing like some tapes, making it easier to handle.

Choose from seven brilliant colors that reflect light as you spin your hoop.

The smooth finish of our metallic tapes make them easy to clean-just wipe with a damp cloth. Metallic tapes can be combined with vinyl and cloth tape to give your hoop a real custom look.

Metallic hoop tape has a strong adhesive that will hold in place for many hours of hooping.

Here’s a hint from experienced hoopers. Since metallic tape is not as malleable or “stretchable” as other tapes, put the metallic hoop tape in place first and then cover the edges with vinyl or cloth for a really clean installation.

Hooptape - Metallic