Hoop Types

Student Hoop-basic hoop used to teach hooping & hoop taping. Most cost effective design.

Weighted Hoops-Larger diameter hoops filled with water or some other fluid-designed for fitness and weight loss excercises

Hoop Dance- Hoops designed for performance-used by experience hoopers-these hoops usually feature intricate hoop tape applications

Mini Hoop-Small diameter hoops intended for twirling on wrists, arms or ankles, often used in multiples and utilizing lighter weight hoop material. Smaller diameter hoops can rotate much faster than full size hoops

Pull Apart Hoops-Collapsible hoops designed for ease packing and travel

Professional Hoops-Hoops designed for those who teach hooping and hoop-related physical activities

Arm Hoops-Hoops designed for twirling around the hoopers arms-intended for arm toning and endurance building

Hoop Play Hoops-Simple hoops designed for childrens’ play, classes and introduction to hooping