About Vinyl HoopTape

Vinyl hoop tape, also known as electrical tape or “E” tape, is primarily used for electrical insulation and color coding.  Look in any electrician’s tool box and you’ll see electrical tape.

Vinyl hoop tape works great for hoop decoration.  It’s a good value (less than $1.00 per roll) and is easy to handle.  It can be wiped clean and it’s “stretchability” makes it easy to form around irregular shapes like a hoop.  If you are just getting started with hoop decoration, vinyl hoop tape is what you need.

Vinyl hoop tape has the color impregnated in the vinyl (not just on the surface) so it is truly colorfast.  It’s smooth finish is easy on the skin and a quick swipe with a damp cloth is all that is needed to keep it clean.

Vinyl tape is easy to cut with scissors (including “safety” scissors used by children).  It needs no special storage and has lots of other uses around the house and workshop.

Best of all, vinyl hoop tape is available in 11 colors.

Hooptape - Vinyl